Biblical - Practical - Enjoyable

At First Baptist Church we strive to be a Biblical, practical and enjoyable church. We are a caring family, reaching the world with the heart of Christ. Play the video to the left to hear a message from our pastor, Earl Stephenson. Below are a few keys steps to becoming involved in our church.



About FBC

At First Baptist Church we seek to be Biblical.

Authority for what we believe and how we live comes from the Bible. Our world view is shaped by the truth we find in the Bible. We accept the Bible as the full and final authoritative revelation of God to humans. All sermons and class lessons are built upon the foundation of God’s Word, the Bible. We find guidance, strength, encouragement and wisdom in the Bible.

At First Baptist Church we seek to be practical.

The Bible can and should make a practical difference in the way that we live day by day. We preach and teach in order to address the practical issues facing us as individuals, families, citizens, and members of the church. The church is organized in such a manner as to provide help for people of all ages. The actions we take are influenced by the core question, "Is this relevant?"

At First Baptist Church we seek to be enjoyable.

Nothing brings greater joy than a relationship with God that is genuine and growing. From our preschool ministry through our senior adults, everything we do is designed to be enjoyable for all. We intentionally set aside thirty minutes every Sunday morning for the purpose of spending time in fellowship. A fun and friendly atmosphere of worship and fellowship provides a nurturing environment to learn, serve and grow together in God’s family.

At First Baptist Church you have a role.

We expect every member to attend regularly, serve willingly, give generously and live uprightly.