Biblical - Practical - Enjoyable

At First Baptist Church we strive to be a Biblical, practical and enjoyable church. We are a caring family, reaching the world with the heart of Christ. Play the video to the left to hear a message from our pastor, Earl Stephenson. Below are a few keys steps to becoming involved in our church.



Welcome to First Baptist Church Weatherford, OK

"A multigenerational family engaged in the mission of Jesus."

Multi-Generational . . . We intentionally structure worship and activities to allow ages to interact, worship and serve together. We value the “seasoned saints” and bed babies and every age in between. We do not offer different types of worship services because we do not want to divide the church by age. We want connections in relationships to occur across generational gaps. The music and the activities evidence inclusion of all ages.

Family . . . We accept and encourage one another in the midst of our differences because we belong to the same family through faith in Jesus. We do life together as we share joys and lighten burdens. We are not all the same, but we do share the same Heavenly Father.

Engaged . . . We learn and we serve. We are not finished when we sit in a seat and hear the truth of God’s Word. We strategize and organize individually and as a church in order to remain engaged in doing the will of God in our daily lives by serving others. Knowledge without action accomplishes nothing.

Mission . . . The mission of Jesus remains the making of disciples. Our mission begins at home and includes the world. We give and go and pray in order to impact others with the gospel so that they become disciples of Jesus.  The church exists to impact those who are not yet in it.

Jesus . . . What we do is not about personal taste or preference. The church is not about any individual member. The church is all about Jesus.   We love Him, we worship Him, we serve Him, and we long for the day He will return for us.

Crowder Lake Baptism, August 9, 2015

Upward Sports Basketball Camp, July 8 - 10

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