The Four Pillars of FBCW

Abide In Christ

This means we individually assume responsibility to maintain a close relationship with Christ through reading the Bible, participating in church, and obeying God’s will.

Proclaim the Gospel

The gospel is the good news that we are forgiven of our sins and given the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus. We continue to proclaim this as a church and as individual members. We do not proclaim denomination or good works, but the gospel.

Build the Church

We act to strengthen the universal church and the local church – FBCW. Jesus died for the church. Jesus provides stability for the church. Jesus established the church as the means of impacting the world with the gospel. We prioritize the church and do all we can to strengthen it by attending regularly, serving willingly, giving generously, and living uprightly.

Go and Make Disciples

A disciple is a learner. We do all we can to help others who are in the process of growing in their knowledge and application of God’s purpose in their lives. God expects us to go to those who do not yet know about Jesus. We are actively pouring into the lives of others and building each other up in our faith. Making disciples is not only for mission trips, but a lifetime mission in all occupations to spread the gospel. The church grows one person at a time as disciples make disciples. If you are maturing in your faith, you can be a disciple maker.

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