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Pastor Earl's EZ Bible Reading Plan

-One Bible in a translation you understand and in print you can see.
-Four markers to place in your Bible.
-One quiet place with good light where you can sit and read.
Reading the Bible consistently at a personally comfortable pace.
Place the markers at Genesis 1, Psalms 1, Matthew 1 and Romans 1.
-Read from the marker which is located in Psalms. Read enough to move the marker to the next page. Continue this same procedure through Proverbs. Every morning the first place you read will come from either Psalms or Proverbs. By doing so you will enjoy either praise or practical wisdom every day. After completing Proverbs 31, move the marker back to Psalm 1 and begin the procedure again.

-Read from only one of the other three markers each day. Do so in order. I.e. read from Genesis on Monday, Matthew on Tuesday, Romans on Wednesday, Genesis on Thursday, Matthew on Friday, Romans on Saturday, etc. Read till you want to stop, then place the marker where you end. It is best to read through an entire chapter before stopping. Some days you will read more than other days. Follow the Genesis marker through the Old Testament (skipping Psalms and Proverbs). When you finish Malachi, return the marker to Genesis 1 and begin again. Follow the Matthew marker through Acts 28, then return it to Matthew 1 and begin again. Follow the Romans marker through Revelation, then return it to Romans 1 and begin again.